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How does immulti guarantee your rights

Welcome to "Immulti" platform, where you can sell your services or buy the services you need starting from just $3. We act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer to ensure the rights of each party. We impose a commission of $1 for every $10 only on the seller, and this commission cannot be charged to the buyer or negotiated.

We advise you to carefully read the terms of use and privacy policy, and you can visit the guarantee page to learn how we protect your rights completely. For any inquiries, you can find the answers in the frequently asked questions section or contact us.

As for the service provider (seller), you can start adding your services after creating a new account or logging in. Your services will be reviewed by the technical support team, and if approved, you can promote them. As for the buyer, you can search for the service you need, and after purchasing and executing the service, you can receive it and make the payment.

Please note that communication outside the platform is strictly prohibited, as all messages and posts are reviewed.


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